Welcome To SHARONB.NET Home of the Goddess Tara. Crystal Energy Worker and Akashic Record Energy Reader. Here you will find services such as akashic record readings-all about crystals-channeled messages and keepsake energy portraits all done with one vibrational frequency from the cosmos. Sharonb.net is first and foremost my web home and a database of information and sharing with the universal grid. Please feel free to join us and share your thoughts, blog post and more.
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Sharon Young BishopGreetings and Much love to you from..Sharonb--The Goddess Tara.--We invite you to come inside and enjoy the view with us. Sharon is in tune with Higher Self, Angels,Guides and channels Higher Self messages. She also works with Sound/Energy and Crystal Healing. Sharon studies tarot reading and EFT which is a form of psychological acupressure. Sharon is a starseeded scientist and a universal Alchemist, she does NOT subscribe to any matrix programming or any part of the humanity programming on this planet. Sharon believes that your greatest teacher is within YOU.... Read More ...

I want my life to be a continual erotic orgasm with Gaia, and every experience to be a passionate vibration of beautiful artistic flowing frequency of love and true authentic light. The information I share here is not for everyone. It is not required for every human to digest it However for those who can receive it..this information will allow them use it to live a better more productive and abundant life. I know because I live this life. And it is not anything special...it is just knowing how to master the illusion...Re-member... Everything is Energy and you are the creator of your own reality....
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2016 Energy Predictions

Dearly beloved Masters acting as humans..2016 will be the year of pure energy changes. The year of the "New things"..New trends..new ideas and new ways of living..The download of energy coming into the planet will be extremely strong and flowing fast...With Saturn moving into Sagittarius for the next 2 years we see the fresh start...the fresh beginnings and the fresh air of awakening is upon us. 2016 will be the year of finding yourself..being more of your truest self. 2016 will be the year of rebirth...re-discovery..re-connections..the year of re-building ones self in the way that will lead into the creation of the new earth paradigm. 2016 will be a year of Fresh start...openings..portals..space...gates will open in 2016 on planet earth as well as in the cosmos. We will continue to see the break down of our money systems as new ones will begin to come forth. Beloved I assure you this will be easy innerstanding to the ones who are watching it and a big surprise to the ones who are not watching it... This is all a part of the new....Read More

Becoming More MOCHIN

Mochin---A state of consciousness, mentality, or cognitive life-force in which one experiences an open mind without expectations. Where the mind is your mirror. When you employ your mind as a mirror it grasp nothing..it refuses nothing...It receives information but does not keep. It reflects all things instantly thereby ever learning...always allowing and never in resistance..living in a state of continual expansion.

There is no contest in the unadulterated avenue of bullshit....on this planet....in comparison to religion...

I got this real moran thing I do...It's called THINKING...

Only A Maniac would want to be President..who wants to be in charge of a run away Tractor Trailor Truck...

About Energy Readings

I hold my work as sacred.Your personal information will be held in the utmost confidentiality. And it will be handled with honor and integrity. It will not be use for any purpose other than accessing your Akashic Records Of which It gives your permission to enter. I can not promise to predict your future. You are the only one who can decided-create and manifest your future. What I do is look at your life path from a soul energy level because everything is energy and vibrational frequency. There are a million ways to vibrate at any given time and only you can decided how high your frequency will go. I look at where your energy lines are pointing at this point in time... However with your focused intentions- I can look in yourAkashic Records and give you some ...Read More

Confront your Soul

Your soul came here to experience things. Now the matrix programming would have you believe that you are limited in your experiences to the surrounding of the earth rules and regulations. However Universal Laws declare that all thoughts are possible for manifestation..,it is the matrix programming that is designed to brainwash the masses into the robotic slave mentality. The brainwashing that you are a simple human being...not to acknowledge that you are an immortal spiritual being having a human experience. Because of this programming of your mind to the rules and regulations of this planet you soul has been limited in it's experience. Now is the time to... Read More

What Happens When We Die?

QUESTION: What Happens When We Die? ANSWER: False meanings on your planet keep you in a mystery..bound and thinking you are free..To truly be free one must be willing to realize that one is a prisoner..As long as you have blinders on... you can not see which direction is freedom... You are an immortal spiritual being and you can never die. You are infinite..you will always exist...This is what the prison guards do not want you to know...Biological bodes were created to last over 150 years..The biological bodes on earth have been mortified through DNA to only be of use for half that regular time span. Because an immortal Spiritual Being can not be killed and will Exist forever.... traps were created trillions of years ago to trap immortal spiritual beings who are "Untouchable"....Meaning they do not aspire to political, religious or governmental control..Also those who are deemed uncontrollable by way of their perversions, non empathy and such like. The only way to control such Immortal Spiritual Beings is with ...Read More

About Us & Energy thoughts

I am a scientific observer of earth and an Alchemist...I am 695Million years young..I have reincarnated on this planet called earth for 380thousand years... I do NOT subscribe to any matrix programming or any part of the humanity programming on this planet. I am not here to appease...impress..accommodate..off-end or annoy anyone.... I do this for me...not for anyone else..I do this because i need to get shit out of my head or it would literately drive me insane..lol.....I need to get my frequency into the earth..I need to fuck up the illusion..I need to break all the rules...so I am not here to uplift....inspire.....or make you feel good.....however... if you should find that by reading something i share you do feel uplifted..inspired and feel good...then...my work is done two fold..lmao... Love you!!! I specialize in working as a soul Energy practitioner and intuitive Crystal energy worker...I am here to ground true north and bust open every system that 3d has created and free the masses from the grips of their own fear of the illusion which we have created collectively. I am a scientist and an Alchemist, I do NOT subscribe to any matrix programming or any part of the humanity programming on this planet. I am obsessed with water. I love rainy days and running water streams and long baths. I am grounding the energy of allowing with love in it's truest form, without judgements, expectations or regrets....
YOU have to find your OWN balance in this matrix maze..It wont always be easy and it wont always be love and light..There will be times when you have to be the warrior and the defender of your own adventure..There will be times when you will have to be the villain and the joker..You need all aspects of yourself to work together..Balance them out and respect your total being..Then you will truly be your freest..happiest..version of self..I don't deny any of who i am..sometimes i am what you would call bad and sometimes i am what you would call good.. I call it being all of me..and that's all I can be.. No denials..no regret....no promises..no strings..no expectations placed upon anyone...just living each day to the fullest in whatever situation I may be faced with...and that is most freeing....Because what is natural to the spider is chaos to the fly, and I am the spider and the fly so I live accordingly..and that's just me...MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!

About My Artwork

My Keepsake portraits are quality custom products, hand drawn and pixel painted in the medium of fine acrylic, then they are digitally mastered and enlarged to give you, the highest quality, long lasting finish, that you will have to treasure for years to come.What I try to do with all my subjects is enhance the features to give the BEST image and as close a likeness as possible. I paint from a Surrealist perspective, and I am an impressionistic artist.

New Book Release

Evolution Butterfly “Evolution Butterfly” NEW RELEASE-OCTOBER 2015-This is a book of 446 pages about the soul of a woman, writing a book about a woman, who is writing a book within a book. This book is about waking up from the matrix illusion of 3D and how wonderful this learning center we call Earth can be. This book has no beginning and no ending. This book has no structure. This book is not written with order or outlines. This book is from the heart, the soul and the ultimate mind of the God Self and all that ISness. In this tiny form of the oversoul we call Oxsonia, ,Brea and the Seven, Troy the shadow warrior, Darkus the instructor of the future, and all its many parts, which include the body, the earth suit, and the human known as Sharon Young Bishop- she who is WE, is free from the bondage of 3D, and wanting to express herself in several ways throughout this book. There are real parts and there are fictional parts and they all make up the whole part of this book. Read with an open mind, an eager heart and a playful desire to be taken on a wonderful ride. And you will! ....Read Excerpt

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2016 Energy Predictions

Dearly beloved Masters acting as humans..2016 will be the year of pure energy changes. The year of the "New things"..New trends..new ideas and new ways of living..The download of energy coming into th

Note to Self

Note to Self....another ‪#‎sharonOneVibration‬ Prospective....I can no longer simply take the normal paths that have been force fed to me by others who regurgitated them from some being before them..I

QUESTION: What Happens When We Die?

QUESTION: What Happens When You Die...Note and Disclaimer: This is a general observation of the process of death and reincarnation on the planet earth..... it is a download from the universal grid of

Once I am Awake..How do I get through the Journey?

QUESTION: How can I know exactly what I can trust on this planet when I know so much that we are told are just half truths mixed with lots of lies? How does this game fit? It`s a big puzzle to me. How

To The Ones without Limits

Oh adventurous ones who came to help raise the vibration of this planet. Let Us take a moment to thank you for all your are doing. Many lives ago you were the Shaman and the Crystal Healers of Atlanti

The High Energy Vibrational Shift is in progress

Happy Sunday to everyone who pass this way. As some may know I channel my higher self, my shadow warrior and my number one by name of Ocsonia. The group know as Brea and the seven have given me some

Message From Higherself

We are grateful to be with this NOW! I know that the things we talk about are usually incomprehensible for the mainstream matrix masses. However we are committed to bringing our version of the truth t

If you need it take it.

(Ok...those who need this will get it...) The Galactic Federation has lifted the quarantine from around this planet and therefore strong and continual downloads have been coming through to those who a

You are Free

Dearly beloved at some points in this earthly life, we must all face our own short coming- our flaws- our feelings. This can be a tricky situation if you are one who is presently experiencing loneline

The key to owning everything

Dearly Beloved ones...The key to owning everything is to never allow anything to own you. Enjoy everything but own nothing..Set everything and everyone free and allow everything and everyone to exist