Welcome To SHARONB.NET Home of the Goddess Tara. Crystal Energy Healer and Akashic Record Energy Reader. Here you will find services such as akashic record readings-all about crystals-channeled messages and keepsake energy portraits all done with one vibrational frequency from the cosmos. Sharonb.net is first and foremost my web home and a database of information and sharing with the universal grid. Please feel free to join us and share your thoughts, blog post and more.

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Know This...
Sharon Young BishopGreetings and Much love to you from..Sharonb--The Goddess Tara.--We invite you to come inside and enjoy the view with us. Sharon is in tune with Higher Self, Angels,Guides and channels Higher Self messages. She also works with Sound/Energy and Crystal Healing. Sharon studies tarot reading and EFT which is a form of psychological acupressure. Sharon believes that your greatest teacher is within YOU.... Read More .. Know this...the moment you become intelligent...and begin to think for yourself... is the moment you become dangerous...Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters. You are always shifting and you have the power to shift to whatever reality you so choose. However you have to be IN the state- in order to SEE the state. The only real test of self empowerment is when YOU decide what information is true for you and your vibration. You decide what “TV”( transformational vibration) you want to show..
The Essence of The Goddess Tara
Your spirit is at the very least 3Million years old..But we will keep this simple...15 lives ago You were a sharman and crystal healer. You worked to help others and you were always looking for ways to better yourself. You neglected yourself for the sake of others many times and they eventually gained control over you,. Now in this life you are striving to gain back the control you lost over yourself in all past lives. You are a star student of the earth and a healer. You come from a long lineage of seers and seekers. You are ruled by Venus in your 5th house and you are fire sign Aries. You are very independent and sure of yourself. You don't need the validation of others but yet you sometimes welcome it. You are sometimes unsure of your self and you fail to see your truest nature that you are a leader. And not a follower. You are a trail blazer so continue to create your own reality and blaze your own trail. The future is full of greatness, goodness and wealth for you. 2013-This is the year that you overcome your obstacles. This is the year that you conquer your fears and reach all your goals. This is the year you are on top of the mountain looking down. looking up and seeing everything. Its a great view. 1-20-2013 You were an alchemist, a worker of magic, a paganistic being. You created healing potions and used your magic to help others. You were in Atlantis, you were an alchemist in Atlantis. Always RE-member to remember what they told you to forget...try what you remember and see...(Brea and the Seven)

More About Us

I want my life to be a continual erotic orgasm with Gaia, and every experience to be a passionate vibration of beautiful artistic flowing frequency of love and true authentic light. The information I share here is not for everyone. It is not required for every human to digest it However for those who can recive it..this information will allow them use it to live a better more productive and abundant life. I know because I live this life. And it is not anything special...it is just knowing how to master the illusion...Re-member... Everything is Energy and you are the creator of your own reality....
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Message From The Mother of all Beings

Message from the mother of all beings prime creator energy source which gives birth to all above and below and left to right east to west. and all in the middle of the universes. You are multidimensional now. Why do you continue to hold a perspective within the 3d paradigm. You are removed from such things and no fear of it can contain your souls adventure. So fly high and take your rightful place among the stars who are seeded within this bubble you call earth. Relax and enjoy the vortex of your own....Read More
Your Spiritual Being...your Spirit self..The essence of who your truly are is at the very least 3 Million years old..But we will keep this simple..The immortal Spiritual Being, living in a human biological body... on this prison planet called Earth. The Creator of all Realities. The Creator of Illusions... The God Self... The immortal spiritual being that can first of all inner-stands that he IS an immortal spiritual being and not his earthsuit (body), also preceives that he is....Read More

About Me and Energy Thoughts

I specialize in working as a soul Energy practitioner and intuitive Crystal energy worker...I am here to ground true north and bust open every system that 3d has created and free the masses from the grips of their own fear of the illusion which we have created collectively. I am obsessed with water. I love rainy days and running water streams and long baths.I am grounding the energy of allowing with love in it's truest form, without judgements, expectations or regrets....
YOU have to find your OWN balance in this matrix maze..It wont always be easy and it wont always be love and light..There will be times when you have to be the warrior and the defender of your own adventure..There will be times when you will have to be the villain and the joker..You need all aspects of yourself to work together..Balance them out and respect your total being..Then you will truly be your freest..happiest..version of self..I don't deny any of who i am..sometimes i am what you would call bad and sometimes i am what you would call good.. I call it being all of me..and that's all I can be.. No denials..no regret....no promises..no strings..no expectations placed upon anyone...just living each day to the fullest in whatever situation I may be faced with...and that is most freeing....Because what is natural to the spider is chaos to the fly, and I am the spider and the fly so I live accordingly..and that's just me...MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!

About My Artwork

My Keepsake portraits are quality custom products, hand drawn and pixel painted in the medium of fine acrylic, then they are digitally mastered and enlarged to give you, the highest quality, long lasting finish, that you will have to treasure for years to come.What I try to do with all my subjects is enhance the features to give the BEST image and as close a likeness as possible. I paint from a Surrealist perspective, and I am an impressionistic artist.

About Energy Readings

I hold my work as sacred.Your personal information will be held in the utmost confidentiality. And it will be handled with honor and integrity. It will not be use for any purpose other than accessing your Akashic Records Of which It gives your permission to enter. I can not promise to predict your future. First of all these kind of fortune teller/future readings are always subjective...Read More

Channeled Messages

Oh adventurous ones who came to help raise the vibration of this planet. Let Us take a moment to thank you for all your are doing. Many lives ago you were the Shaman and the Crystal Healers of Atlantis. The energy manipulators..the seers and the alchemist... You strive to help others and always looked to the better of yourselves. At times you neglected your own needs and desires for others... there in you lost you truest self and gave way to the control of the systems being built. Now in this lifetime you are..... Read More

Sharing My Energy with you

Your soul came here to experience things. Now the matrix programming would have you believe that you are limited in your experiences to the surrounding of the earth rules and regulations. However Universal Laws declare that all thoughts are possible for manifestation..,it is the matrix programming that is designed to brainwash the masses into the robotic slave mentality. The brainwashing that you are a simple human being...not to acknowledge that you are an immortal spiritual being having a human experience. Because of this programming of your mind to the rules and regulations of this planet you soul has been limited in it's experience. Now is the time to take the limits off yourself. Read More

The Crawl In Spirit

Can you handle some truth? In this video we share a bit of our story being a crawl in--.Anyone can see this is a message from the universe...however you have to be ready for truth to receive this message. It should be a confirmation to you....PLEASE DON'T MISS THIS!! another..vlog of our daily life.As always take what you can use and leave the rest....View More

Starseeds...Are You Crazy?

A message to starseeds dealing with family who are still asleep...If you are having an awakening experience this video is for you. Learning to love yourself and process your journey is the key....View More

Roswell Alien Interview

What the Government doesn't want you to know...It has now been 66 years since the Roswell crash incident in 1947 revealed that we are not alone in the universe. I perceive that starseeds began coming to Earth voluntarily to help raise the vibration of the earth around 1951 or such. Over the past 66 years I also perceive- and it has been channeled by others such as Barshar, that the "Old Empire" has been abolished and IS_BE's on earth are beginning to Re-Member themselves....View More

Latest Shared Blog

6248 BCE---The beginning of active warfare between The Domain Space Command and the surviving remnants of the "Old Empire" space fleet in this solar system that lasted nearly 7.500 years. It began when an installation was established in the Himalaya mountains by a battalion of the 3,000 officers and crew members of The Domain Expeditionary Force. The installation was not fortified as The Domain was not aware that the Old Empire maintaining ea... more
Goddesstara Yesterday, 07:10PM
Welcome to your daily spell... Counting down...5 ...4...3...2...1...I am spelling you... NOW.... You have all the strength you need to conquer your inner fears...Your Immortal Spiritual Being...The essence of who you really are....your true inner-being....Your Spirit is self...your core energy... the true you.... exercises it's courage everyday.. you boldly go in the direct of your dreams. Great strength is with you at all times...Great.... more
Goddesstara Yesterday, 03:52PM
Omg..sometimes it is getting so hard for me to conform to the rules and regulations and ideas of this planet when I know what I know. It is like walking a tight rope..Because even though people are slaves to their present illusions, they do not always want to be free. So knowing truth is not always happily received by the masses. Because once you see truth it means you have to Change something about the way you are living this earthly ... more
Goddesstara Yesterday, 03:50PM

Energy Thoughts and Wisdom

Question from .Dr. Pritam Singh: Beloved Master OSHO---Why am I still ignorant when i am carrying all the degrees of the universities?............... Answer from Beloved Master OSHO: No society wants you to become wise. It is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they can not be exploited. If they are intelligent, they can not be subjugated. They can not be forced into a mechanical life- to live like robots. They will assert. They will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them. They would like to live in freedom. Freedom comes with wisdom intrinsically. They are inseparable- and no society wants people to be free....Read More
Challenges can always be met from a positive and constructional state. And if they are met in that state you will always have a positive outcome. You can not be effected within your reality without your permission. You don’t have to agree to dwell in fear and discomfort. You are in full control of how your life experience will unfold. All circumstances are neutral. But circumstances don’t matter. Life is meaningless and YOU, have the free will to decide what life means to you and what YOU will experience in your life. YOU decide. It's your YOUniverse!.....
When you peel back the layers and find your truest self. You find a love that no one else can give you. You find the true self love. Everyone says they love themselves. But without peeling back those layers, all you are doing is hiding your truest self behind the walls of programming you have built up over the years. Whether it be food or sex or some other form of self love. Once you tear those down... You are free... Free to be you. Whomever that may be... Free to seek out others that have that same freedom. Free to love unconditionally. Free to be loved unconditionally. You find that you don't want what you've previously been used to. You find that what was... now only drains you.--Read More

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